Buying A 3500 Watt Generator-Worth It Or Not?

A 3500-watt generator is one of the greatest solutions for emergency backup electricity because it can power many medium-sized household items at once. With a conventional 120-watt power source, it can deliver between 14 and 28 amps.

What Can You Run On A 3500 Watt Generator?

It is recommended to just operate two large appliances at a time, with smaller appliances taking up the rest of the power. Your TV, laptop, and phone chargers all take a small amount of power, but they can quickly add up to drain your generator system.

Many people believe that running three to four major products and a few smaller items will be simple; unfortunately, things tend to build up. This means that while turning on all the lights in the house may seem insignificant, it can quickly deplete your generator’s power and cause headaches.

When the power goes out, generators that produce merely 3500-watts can ensure that you don’t have a horrible day. You will, however, need to balance what is on and off if you want to operate various appliances and other things around the house.

All the following appliances should be used with caution; running them all at the same time will quickly kill your generator. Your generator, on the other hand, will give all the electricity you require if you are attentive and run each room or place as needed.

LED Lights That Conserve Energy

It will undoubtedly power all your lights in your home, particularly the LED or CFL lights. These lights use very little energy and typically have a wattage of 14 watts each.


With a 3500-watt generator, you can use your refrigerator. A typical freezer uses 700 watts but may require up to 2100 watts to start, and the same is true for a refrigerator.

Appliances like Home Blenders, electric grills, coffee makers, electric heaters, LED televisions, computers, hairdryers, DVD players, and portable fans are among the other home items that can be powered by this sort of generator.

However, you should not run all the above-mentioned items at the same time. When you do this, you risk harming the generator by overloading it.

Is A 3500-Watt Generator A Good Option?

Generators are commonly thought of as just being used as a backup power source in the event of a power outage, however, they can be used for a variety of applications.

Having a portable generator allows you to keep the comforts of home away from your power outlets, as well as power equipment and gadgets in your yard or on the job site.

A generator is more reliable than it has ever been. You can feel assured that your generator will keep you powered up wherever you go.

What Are The Benefits Of Not Overloading A Generator?

When you try to run too many appliances at the same time, you get an overload. As a result, the demands of these appliances surpass the generator’s wattage.

When this problem is likely to develop, there are certain symptoms to look for. The first of these is a generator that has started to overheat. You may also notice a decrease in power.

An overload will occur if you have many appliances plugged into the generator that exceed the total running watt capability. This can happen even if the wattage is still below the beginning watts.

Some generators will have a circuit breaker built in to safeguard them from harm caused by this problem. However, if the generator does not have a circuit breaker, it will most certainly overheat, resulting in fires and other problems.

Simply put, overloading a generator can cause a variety of problems that require repair, not just to the generator but also to the appliances that are being powered.

To avoid this problem, make sure you stick to the capabilities of your 3,500-watt generator by just using it to power designated equipment and not exceeding the maximum wattage capacity.

Why Should You Buy a 3500-Watt Generator?

A 3500-watt generator is always the best choice when you have plenty of appliances in your home. It provides a reliable flow of electricity, especially in the case of load shedding.

Runs A Number Of Appliances

The 3500-watt generator’s ability to run several appliances is one of the reasons most customers choose it. You may use this generator to power all of your home’s lighting as well as smaller gadgets.

This generator is excellent for regular use at home and in the workplace. It has the capacity to power medium-sized appliances and will assist you in running your domestic activities comfortably. It normally weighs around 150 pounds and is simple to transport to any area.


One of the most fuel-efficient generators available is the 3500-watt generator. The majority of generators in the area will save you money on petrol.

With only approximately 3 gallons of gas, you can run the generator for 8 to 10 hours. In addition, 3500-watt generators are often inexpensive. Given how efficient this generator is, its prices are very reasonable.

Related Questions

What happens if the generator is still running when the power is restored?

If power is restored while your generator is back feeding, the generator may be seriously damaged. back feeding can be avoided by isolating the generator power and the energy electrical system.

What should a generator not be used for?

Never add fuel to a running or hot machine. Before adding gasoline, let the generator and engine cool completely. Never store a generator with fuel in the tank near an open flame, spark, or pilot light where gasoline vapors could reach an open flame, spark, or pilot light. Do not smoke near a generator or a source of fuel.


If you’re in the market for a new generator, a 3500-watt generator is a good choice. Your generator will keep you going in the event of a power outage or while you’re in a distant location. It’s adaptable, and you can take it with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to run most of your appliances without any problems as well.

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