How To Jump Start A Generator?

Generators are indeed considered the best portable source of power in emergency conditions or during camping, traveling, etc. It can be frustrating when your generator’s battery dies suddenly, and you do not know how to jump-start it.

How to Jump Start A Generator?

Jump-starting a generator’s battery follows the same process as for a car’s battery. The battery of the generator acts as a supercapacitor and a jump-starter.

An improper or dead battery can cause serious problems. The generator can be jump-started with the same battery, and it won’t harm your generator.

What Is The Process To Jump Start A Generator?

The process is simple yet lengthy. Most generators should be restarted with a 12 Volt car or other utility battery. In many conditions, the battery goes dead, and you might need to jump-start the generator.

The process with detailed steps is given below:

  1. If you’re driving, make sure you park the car close to the generator. However, the generator should not be mounted over the vehicle.
  2. Remove the battery cover from the generator. You’ll need to have access to the battery terminals.
  3. A huge cover over the entire battery, as well as smaller covers over the battery connections, may be present. All of these will have to be taken out.
  4. Connect the positive post on the generator’s battery to one end of the red jumper cables.
  5. Because you’re jumpstarting the generator’s battery, it’s crucial to remember to connect the generator first (rather than the utility or automobile battery).
  6. Connect the positive terminal on your working battery to the other end of the red clamp of the jumper wires.
  7. Before connecting the jumper cable to the negative terminals, make sure both positive terminals are connected.
  8. Connect one of the jumper wires’ black ends to the negative terminal of the working battery.
  9. Instead of connecting to the generator’s dead battery, you’ll begin by connecting to an automotive or utility battery.
  10. Connect the black jumper cable’s opposite end to any metal surface within a one-foot radius of the generator battery you’re jumping.
  11. As usual, start the generator. If you’re unsure about any of the processes, refer to the user’s manual for instructions.
  12. Remove the jumper cables in the reverse sequence of how you attached them as soon as the engine starts.

How To Elongate A Generator Battery’s Lifespan?

Your generator lifespan directly depends on the longevity of your battery. If the battery runs well, so does the generator.

Follow the given steps to enhance the capacity of your generator’s battery:

  1. Make sure your battery is charged. During the “rest” time of your generator, you should charge the battery every few months.
  2. When your battery needs to be replaced, do so for normal working. Despite your best efforts to extend the life of your generator’s battery, it will eventually need to be changed after a few years.
  3. Always check to see if your generator is still operational after replacing the battery.
  4. If the battery terminals do look to be corroded (which may occur if you live in a very humid climate), battery terminal cleaners can be purchased to assist in the removal of the corrosion.
  5. To prevent corrosion, keep the battery terminals covered.

How Can You Jump Start A Car With A Generator?

A jump-start, often known as a sudden boost, is a technique for restoring a dead battery in a car with the help of a generator that won’t start.

A gas-powered generator may jump-start a car indirectly by powering a battery charger with the electricity it generates, but certain jump-start batteries can also be used as an alternative.

The gas generator’s battery can immediately jump an automobile if it has an electric-start option (a built-in battery starts the generator when you turn a key or press a button). This external battery uses jumper cables to connect straight to the dead battery, just like when you get a boost from another car.

Related Questions

Is it possible to start a generator with a car battery?

Although fuel is required to start the engine, a battery is also required to power the electronic components.

There are electronic components that must function, and the battery, like the car battery, is responsible for its operation. The generator starts with the battery as it cannot start without it.

What is the average life span of a generator battery?

A good battery can last up to three years or 32-5 hours when properly cared for, depending on usage, charging arrangement, and application. The batteries must be maintained and always charged for the generator set to start when needed.

What is the highest timeframe a generator can run continuously?

To summarize, a portable gasoline generator can run constantly for a limited amount of time on a single tank of gas. Usually, 12 to 18 hours.

When using a huge propane tank, you’ll discover that your limiting reason is most likely mechanical (typically engine oil). This means 5-8 days for most propane generators.


A generator’s battery going dead is a common problem that anyone can face. Learning how to jump-start a generator through a car or a utility battery, is quite a helpful process, especially in emergency conditions. We made our way through 12 helpful ways that can jump-start your generator’s battery. Later we also discussed how to elongate the lifespan of a generator’s battery in 5 different ways and answered two of the many frequently asked questions.

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