Oil Pressure Switch On An Onan Generator

We buy an electric appliance and become enthusiastic about its usage, but most of the time, we are unaware of its components. All these accessories come with a manual where the location and working of each component are mentioned. An Onan generator also comes with a user manual.

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch On An Onan Generator?

In an Onan generator, the oil pressure switch is usually located on the engine block, often near the oil filter.

It is a very pertinent part as it illuminates a red oil light in the instrument cluster whenever the oil pressure drops too low, alerting the driver. An oil pressure gauge may be used instead of or in addition to a red oil light in some automobiles.

Are Onan Generators Worth Buying?

Nowadays, generators are considered the basic requirement of every house. Out there in the market, there are several brands, but you should consider the quality and durability while buying a generator. Onan generators meet all the standard requirements of a generator.

They are lightweight, simple to maintain and install, and consume little fuel. The MicroQuiet 4000-watt generator is one of the finest generators. Experts at Guaranty are not surprised that Cummins Onan produces the most popular RV generators. They are silent, of excellent quality, and extremely powerful.

How Often Should I Change The Oil In My Onan Generator?

Oil of generator should be replaced frequently or when needed for the efficient working of your generator. Also, it is important to use the oil that suits your Onan generator.

The first oil change, according to the generator’s manufacturer, should take place after 20 hours. This is referred to as “The break-in period”. Oil changes should be performed once a year or every 150 hours of operation after that, whichever comes first.

What Are The Tips For The Maintenance Of A Generator?

Like every other appliance, a generator can survive for years if it gets proper maintenance. This maintenance prevents the generators from sudden breakdown.

The proper care will reduce the chances of extensive repairs and make your generator work longer.   The lack of maintenance can lead to irreplaceable damage to the generator. Worst case scenario, you might need to buy a new one.

Maintenance Of A Generator

Below are some tips for the maintenance of a generator:

Keep Your Generator Enclosed With The Help Of A Cover

Covering your generator prevents it from several dangers. The cover will serve as a protective layer around the generator.

Where Is The Oil Pressure Switch On An Onan Generator?

Water is corrosive to electricity, and even a small amount of rain can ruin a component that costs a lot of money. You will need a cover or an enclosure for your generator, depending on whether it is a standby or portable unit. Another option is to construct a generator garage for a portable generator, similar to a doghouse.

Prevent Your Generator Motor From Burning Out

The motor is something without which your generator will not work. If it gets burnt, it can cause serious problems and discomfort.

For lower voltage use, use heavy-duty cords, which can help prevent early burn-out. The voltage is increased by using lighter cords. Because generators are noisy, you might want to invest in a longer cord to have a better night’s sleep.

Keep Oil And Filters Overflowing

The oil filters should be cleaned properly to prevent the accumulation of dirt, or oil over there. If the filters get clogged, the air will not pass in and out, resulting in insufficient ventilation.

Also, make sure to have an excess supply of oil. Shop for new oil or filter and keep an open supply of oil and filters. This will help in case you ran out of oil or filters during a long power outage.

Keep The Tank Full

Keep your gas tank full to avoid damaging the generator. When a generator runs out of gas, it loses power and the electrical load in your home is absorbed by the generator’s magnetic field.

Related Questions

Are the oil pressure switch and sensor the same thing?

Oil pressure sending unit is one of the less frequently used terms, with oil pressure switch or oil pressure sensor being more common. Interestingly, all three perform essentially the same function. An oil pressure transmitting unit usually, but not always, refers to an older part of an older vehicle.

What are the indications of a bad oil pump?

Your generator needs repairing if you find some unusual things in it. Following are the main indicators that you need to fix or change your oil pump:

  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Noise

If the light persists you can check for these symptoms.

Is the oil pressure switch normally open or closed?

Oil pressure switches are generally of two types: – N/O (normally open) circuit: normally open when the pressure in the oil is less than the pressure of exchange, they close when the pressure exceeds the pressure of exchange. The switch is closed by contact between the metal washer and the tip (metallic).


Keeping a generator at home requires special attention. You also need to be aware of all the switches and components of a generator. It is crucial to regularly check your generator for any errors or malfunctions. If you find any, then the best course of action is to call a technician and fix the minor issue and prevent it from turning into a major problem.

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